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Jamieson's Chocolate was a new company formed in 1998 to develop, import, wholesale, and retail premium finished chocolate from Ghana, West Africa. Its founders are David J.C. Jamieson and Susan Abbott-Jamieson. The story of how it all came to be goes back ten years to Easter 1989.

Susan, at the time a professor in the anthropology department at the University of Kentucky , Susan in a Mende Villageboarded a British Airways flight in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She was returning to Lexington after a field visit to one of her doctoral student's research sites in a rural Mende village. David was already aboard the flight, returning to London from a business trip to Liberia.

A chance encounter on the airplane led to a trans-Atlantic courtship and marriage nine months later.

David continued with his own publishing business in Great Britain and West Africa which he set up 1969. Susan continued her career in anthropology while teaching at the University of Kentucky. They both spent a lot of time on airplanes commuting across the Atlantic. Sometimes they got to spend time together in England or Sierra Leone or Ghana where David has had active business for a number of years. David and Susan in Ghana

The more time they spent in Ghana, the more they began to realize that Ghana not only grew fine cocoa and exported well-regarded cocoa and cocoa products, but that Ghana also had a modern factory that produced excellent chocolate for their domestic market. They began to think about new careers for themselves. Why not work with that factory to produce a variety of premium chocolates that would appeal to the taste of Americans? It took over four years to see their first ideas mature into what is now Jamieson's Chocolate, but it has all been worth it.

David at chocolate course Both the Jamiesons have spent a lot of time learning about cocoa production and chocolate science. David has attended industry courses in Germany, while Susan has taken an early retirement after a twenty-five year university teaching and research career to devote full attention to their new business. Both have spent considerable time in Ghana visiting the full range of cocoa growing, processing, research, and management facilities.
David in the Chocolate Factory in Ghana

Drawing on her knowledge of Ghana's cultures, Susan has designed the packaging to help tell the story of Ghana's cocoa. She hopes Americans will learn to appreciate a premium chocolate from Ghana while learning something about an interesting country and part of the world. David's extensive knowledge of business and the region suggest to him that here is a direct Africa to America venture that offers a world class range of products to satisfy the American chocolate lover's dream .

Jamieson's Chocolate is a division of The Ruth Hunt Candy Company.
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